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E-GO! (is him?)

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i want to meet people weird people, funny weird people, funny weird people with weird hair that i can do my weird face and laught to because dude your hair is weird and you are funny and weird and you are human therefor you are people so yeah i want to meet some weird funny people unless you are really not that funny then is ok as long as you're weird, what if you're funny but not weird i guess thats fine too i dont fucking know, will have to see well anyways so lets say you are not weird and not funny would i not talk chat with am i discriminating on the non-weird,non-funny people, what if youre not people would i not communicate with you wait so there are such things as eliens fuck will they do all kind of test on me now fuck i am scare ok i have to go now bye (hides underbed)

Welcome to the elitej_h_o_n community, where all are welcome to pay tribute to your favorite poet and mine, ELITEJHON!! If you would like to go to the "real" journal of elitejhon, here you go:


But don't bother "adding" him, cuz he's read his friends page like one time, and that was on accident when he was drunk or something, and no matter what, he never, EVER, leaves comments. Which makes this community way cooler and stuff, which totally means that

should totally join!
peace out peoplezzz

beards, being the baler, body hair, broccoli, burgers, cardboard, chinese food, doing shrinkwrap infomercials, facial hair, falling asleep on aim, keeping my mouth open, leading stretches, leaning against the pole, leather hats, lee rowan, lunch, making out with iriver, mcdonalds, mike's hard lemonade, noodles, picking my noze, poetry, porn (nonotreallyokmaybesometimes), prince, really really tight t-shirts, shrinkwrapping stuff, sitting on the floor, sticking my tongue out, stretching, the baler, the phrase "is cool", the shrinkwrap master, the white broccoli, tres leches ice cream, weird rashes, working (nonotreally), writing pomes, zzzzleeping