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i tied malorie's shoezzz, and then i hugged her because lee rowan said sooo

welcome to my cool community, my name is jhon, spell j-h-o-n. i like pomes

i dint get to be the baler today because dhubie was balineg but laura told me i could be the runner

i am reeeeeeeeeallllllly fast runner, where did my partner go, i am sooooo fassst,

when i do a good job being the runner sometimes they give me pizzzza and soda for break so i don have to go to mcdonald and i get to eat with my friendzzz

that make me very HAPPY, because lee rowan said so, in my heaaadddd after he call me names, stop it lee rowan, he don like me because im sooo HAPPPPPPYYY

today was a good day.
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